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About Goin’ Whole Hog Podcast

The main focus of the interview will be on your journey as an entrepreneur running a high performing company. Our listeners are entrepreneurs and CEO’s working in the local services space.

It is very conversational and I will lead the discussion with questions such as ‘why did you decide to start your company?’ and ‘what are some challenges you encounter within your business on a day to day basis?’


We will use a podcast recording program. Only audio will be recorded. The link to the link you will login will be sent to you shortly before the start of the post cast.

You need headphones and optionally a headset mic for your input.

Try to be in a quiet place to ensure the audio quality is best.

Interview Outline

  • I will give you a brief introduction.
  • We will discuss your journey as an entrepreneur and your current experiences with running your company.
  • We will wrap up with the Fast 5 which are 5 rapid fire questions.

Fast Five

To wrap up the interview we will ask you some fun rapid fire questions.

  • What’s your morning routine look like?
  • s there a CEO that you follow or study?
  • What is your favorite online business tool?
  • What about your business that keeps you up and night?
  • What’s one thing you wish you had known when you began your company?

Looking forward to learning about your business. You should get an email with the link to our zoom meeting room!